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I’ve baked brownies, but never its blonde sister. So when I raided my cupboards this morning to have a think of what to make I came up with “Blondies!” I’m pretty busy at the moment with work, so I haven’t updated as regularly as I wanted to, but I try when I can. I’m hoping I’ll be less hectic in six or so weeks when my course has finished and I get some time to myself. Even maybe join a gym… perhaps.

But. What blondie recipe should I adapt? There were so many, and all so diverse. I found The Hummingbird Bakery blondie recipe, but it called for white chocolate. I had dark, but not white. Then, The Smitten Kitchen came to the rescue with Deb’s blondie recipe which looked absolutely quick and easy. I took her advice, and adapted the recipe too. I have to say here that I love Smitten Kitchen. It’s my all time favourite food blog and inspires me with every post. The photography is amazing and it’s owner, Deb, has a way with words. I hope to compile a page with food blogs I regularly read soon, and Smitten Kitchen will be right there at the top. I have to thank my boyfriend for introducing me to it, and thus the world of food blogging.

Back to the blondies, I think the goo makes a brownie/blondie, and if its not chewy it’s not right. So when you’re baking them keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not overcooked. They harden a little bit when they cool too, so bare that in mind.

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