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chocolate banana bread

We got the flat! Which comes with pros and cons of course. Pros; we have a bigger, nicer flat and we’re both very excited. Cons? Well, we’re going to have to pay an overlap of a month (£800) as no one has shown any interest in our little flat yet. Also on a stressful note, we have to pay around £2500 tomorrow for the new flat (deposit, month in advance, fees…). Ugh. Estate Agents.

There’s also been an interesting turn of events on the job front. I’ve had some interest from a brand in Dubai. Scary and exciting. Not sure if anything will come of it (or, indeed, if I could actually cope with living in the UAE. Without boyfriend of course.) but I wouldn’t say no to three times my salary over here plus… no tax.

I made this for a special someone, although the dough did not come out chocolately enough. Not sure why, as I put in more cocoa powder than needed… it came out slightly pasty compared to the original recipe. It meant I put in more chocolate, which made up for taste.

The banana gives a slightly moist texture to the bread, while also creating a slight tang to the chocolate bread. It’s good.

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