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sticky fried rice

Times are busy at the moment, I’m cooking but I have no time to write here, which makes me sad. I try though, I try. This is a tasty tasty dish, and so easy to make. I’m a fan of all the ingredients in this, and being vegetarian friendly definately helps.

Of course, a bit of meat could easily be added to this! Don’t ask me what though, I wouldn’t have a clue. But if you’re a fan of the meat, don’t be put of this dish because of the lack of it. The stickyness of the rice along with the egg, ginger, garlic and leeks (don’t forget the spring onions too!) makes it so moreish – It made me go back for seconds thirds.

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garden pizza

I’ve never made pizza from scratch. And I love pizza. So when I was thinking about what to make myself for dinner, I decided to have a go. And it’s easy! There’s no reason anyone should buy a ready made one at all. This recipe can obviously be changed toppings-wise, so add your favourite ingredients. This Garden Pizza is made with my favourite pizza toppings.

Take note, the pizza dough recipe makes more than enough, but can be stores in the fridge until you need it. Just take it out and let it come to room temperature when you need it.

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