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spicy sweet potato gallettes

A word to the wise, before I start this post. When using puff-pastry, remember to defrost the pastry before you get going. I forgot. I thought “oh well, i’ll run it under some hot water and it will be fine”… It looked fine, but when it went in the oven I could see that something was wrong. Yes, the water stuck the pastry together and it didn’t… Puff. It was thin, and it would have been so much more amazing if it had been puffy and light. So, I’m sure you won’t make the same mistake I did. Not that you would do such a silly thing anyway…

Gallettes. I’m a big fan of them, as you can do so much with a gallette, and it’s so simple. Roll out the pastry and top it with anything you like basically. This combination is my new favourite, and I had to share it. And look how pretty and colourful they look! They smell as good as they look.

Gallettes can be eaten as a starter, or as a main dish with some sort of salad or wedges alongside them. I also eat mine as a snack, warmed up the next day. Easy to store in the fridge (depending on your toppings), or roll out as much pastry as you want, when you want it.

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mixed vegetable bake

So I don’t want to cook cupcakes all the time because of many reasons. But mostly because I always end up eating a large majority of the batch as my boyfriend doesn’t really like cakes! This does not work out well for me as i scoff them all in two seconds.

I don’t often cook meals. I’m more comfortable baking: cakes, muffins, cookies, the lot. But sometimes I can be found cooking “real” food. Oh, I’m a vegetarian. So it’s unlikely to find meat in the food I cook. And this recipe concerned me. Would it be tasty? Or would it be boring? I had found it in a food magazine (I cannot remember which, I’d written it down two years ago and never tried it) so hadn’t got any reviews. But I adapted it; missed bits out, added bits in…

It was a surprisingly tasty vegetarian dish. I enjoyed it, and had it two days in a row. It would be interesting to have it with pasta too and make a pasta bake out of it (add the pasta in when you put everything in the casserole dish and perhaps extend the cooking time until the pasta is done), or even boil some rice to have along side it. It’s up to you. I had it with a salad, and really enjoyed it.


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