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macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese, mac & cheese… it depends where you’re from as to what you call this. It can be boring or it can be very exciting. This is definitely the latter! I often make macaroni cheese as one of my “quick” dinners, when I don’t feel like slaving away for hours in the kitchen. It can happen.

This recipe is so SO good. It’s definitely tasty, and gives an extra something to a can-be-boring dish. The original recipe has tomatoes in, which I can agree with. My boyfriend however insisted that I “shouldn’t mess with a good thing”… Next time I’m cooking for myself I’m definitely adding the tomatoes in they don’t offend me, and sound like they’re gonna do good things to this dish.

Another thing, this gets better with age. Left-overs (If there are any) will go down really well!

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