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Sorry about the lack of posts. I’ve been suuuper busy but i’ve now finished my diploma, which means lots of baking from now on! I’m so glad all the work is over, I put in an awful lot of effort so lets just hope it pays off. Fingers crossed.

So. Whoopies?! I’ve often heard of these, yet never really thought much about it until last months Sainsbury’s┬áMagazine, where the whoopie graced the cover. Apparently they were invented by the Amish community, and are named by the children opening up their lunchboxes and exclaiming “Whoopie!” when they see what’s inside. I think thats kinda fun.

These are absolutely yummy, and a twist on the cupcake. Also the addition of melted marshmallows in the icing gives it a different texture, in a totally good way. These are easily adaptable; I’ve made almond whoopies with almond extract and ground almond. You could add nuts, chocolate, fruit… much like adapting any cake recipe.

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